Truck or Tractor Trailer Wrecks

Wrecks or collisions involving trucks and/or tractor-trailers are significantly different than car on car wrecks in terms of both the law and investigation required as well as the degree and severity of injuries that are often suffered by those involved. The attorneys at Philips Branch & Hodges have extensive experience litigating truck and/or recovered millions for our clients. If you or someone you know has been in a wreck involving a truck or tractor-trailer, do not hesitate to call us today for your free consultation.

Truck accidents, given the size and nature of the vehicles involved, often result in catastrophic injury or death for those involved. Holding trucking companies, the drivers they employ, and their insurers responsible requires a firm grasp of the facts of each case and the law applicable to motor carriers. Often insurance companies who insure trucking companies are at the scene of the wreck within twenty four (24) hours conducting their own factual investigation. The lawyers at Philips Branch & Hodges work with experts and specialists.