3 Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents commonly result in serious physical damage to many riders who manage to escape a fatal injury, as a motorcycle clearly offers little protection that is provided by a standard passenger vehicle. Motorcyclists who suffer severe injury and are unconscious at the scene are dependent on other drivers or witnesses to take action when a crash occurs, but sometimes riders are still conscious even when they suffer an injury of some sort. There are three basic steps a motorcyclist should always remember when they do have a crash and are still capable of activity after the fact.

Call 911

Anytime there is an accident on the highway that produces an injury it must be reported to local law enforcement agencies. The police will conduct an investigation into the wreck and file an official accident report that can be used when the case is being settled. The local 911 operator will also notify the paramedics who are then dispatched to the scene, which will also result in documentation regarding medical treatment that will become case evidence.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if emergency technicians can treat an injury at the scene and hospitalization is not needed, it is still a good decision to seek further medical attention because internal injuries are common results of motorcycle accidents and many times medical problems can manifest later, especially back and neck injuries.

Call a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Personal injury attorneys in Columbus GA know that all accidents have a significant element of time immediately after a crash when evidence can evaporate, which can be evidence that actually impacts the value of any accident injury claim. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can investigate the wreck on behalf of their client and craft a case for maximum general damages in addition to recovery for personal property, lost wages, and medical bills.

Contact Philips Branch & Hodges Personal Injury Attorneys in Columbus GA

Never attempt handling a motorcycle accident injury case personally because they can often be more valuable than the injured party realizes. Always call the motorcycle accident legal professionals at Philips Branch & Hodges for a maximum settlement award.