4 Major Car Accident Causes

Car accidents occur on a daily basis on the Georgia highway system. While most are seemingly simple cases or fender benders, there are also many accidents that result in serious and even fatal injury. Some bad accidents do happen with no apparent causation, but most accidents will have an element of human behavior or mechanical malfunction that had some impact on how the accident came about. Accident reconstruction specialists and personal injury attorneys Columbus GA alike understand these situations well, and they always consider several primary reasons first before delving into a comprehensive accident reconstruction investigation. The number of accidents that have a component of the following is a telling information.

  1. Excessive Speed

The highway axiom that speed kills is a valid statement. Excessive speed can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle quickly in certain situations, and speeding is especially dangerous in congested traffic flows on the open highway. When this is occurring there is almost always a considerable number of 18-wheelers on the road as well, all of which are driving at least the speed limit and many focused on making deliveries on schedule.

  1. Distracted Driving

Accident investigations over the past decade have show a striking increase in the number of accidents that involve drivers who were talking on their cell phones or even trying o text while driving. This a major distraction for any motorist. In addition, many modern vehicles are equipped with video screens and online connectivity capacity, which can create another distraction from the screens and interactions with passengers.

  1. Defective Automotive Equipment

Product liability issues are more common in accidents than many drivers realize. The Takata exploding air bag Consumer Protection Agency recall is a prime example, and now the agency has learned the air bags have been installed in millions of vehicles over the years that are still on the road.

  1. Impaired Driving

Impaired driving has always been a major cause of accidents ever since the invention of the automobile. It is even more important today because vehicles are much more powerful and many smaller vehicles present safety concerns. Even though states have ratcheted up their drunk driving laws, this poor judgement still occurs regularly and is a factor in too many fatal accidents.


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