What to Do If My Loved One is Being Abused

Finding out your loved one is being abused creates an incredibly difficult, challenging situation, for both you and your loved one. It is important to take the proper steps to ensure that you are able to assist in removing your loved one from the abusive situation in order to recover to lead a happy and better life. Contacting attorneys at Philips Branch & Hodges is the first step you can take for your loved one.

One of the most common situations where abuse can occur is in a nursing home. Particularly where staff of a nursing home is underpaid and overworked, neglect occurs often, and can lead to abuse of the nursing home’s residents. If your loved one in Columbus is experiencing abuse or neglect, contact Columbus injury attorneys – even before an injury does occur.

Nobody should have to live in a home that they do not feel safe in. When living in a nursing home, residents should be enjoying their golden years which they have worked all of their lives for. Time should be spent relaxing and partaking in fun activities with other members. Simply because the elderly or disabled are not as capable of standing up for themselves, does not mean that they should be subject to anything less than the best quality care.

Know what to do in a situation where your loved one is being abused in a nursing home. Philips Branch & Hodges attorneys are well versed in the signs of nursing home abuse and can help confirm your suspicions and assist you in deciding which course of action to take in this situation. Nursing home neglect is a serious problem and is a common sign of abuse. Contact Columbus injury attorneys, whether an injury has even occurred yet, or not. Similar to domestic abuse cases, nursing home abuse can have long lasting damage to your loved one and must be stopped before the situation worsens.