Misdiagnosed? What to Do Now

When you seek out medical assistance, you are putting your trust into the hands of highly trained personnel. You are relying on the professional training of the staff to receive the proper diagnosis for your condition. When you have been misdiagnosed, your trust in the medical profession has now been broken. There is nothing that can help bring that trust back, but you may have legal options. The medical malpractice attorneys in Columbus GA at Philips Branch & Hodges can help you determine your available options for compensation.

Are There Different Types of Medical Misdiagnosis?

Mistakes are common in today’s medical field. Doctors are in a rush to get patients quickly through an exam. This can lead to the patient having a medical misdiagnosis. There are times when the symptoms are present for a certain issue but are dismissed by the examining doctor. Your doctor should have the proper training and equipment to find the correct cause of your symptoms. Common types of misdiagnosis include:

Missed diagnosis: This happens when a patient has a treatable condition but receives no medical treatment because of a medical misdiagnosis.

  • Wrong diagnosis: A wrong diagnosis can lead to a patient getting unnecessary medical treatment that can cause more harm to their condition.
  • Delayed diagnosis: A patient may have a condition that needs immediate treatment but receives none as the disease progresses.


Was the Doctor Negligent? 

There are many ways to demonstrate if the medical staff was negligent to the patient while in their care. The law holds doctors to a certain level of competency. In simple terms, the doctor must meet the same level of care as other competent doctors under the same conditions. Your doctor should take into account your whole health before making a diagnosis. If necessary, a doctor should order more tests to dismiss any lingering doubt. Errors in a diagnosis can lead to complicating a medical condition even further. If your doctor failed to meet a certain level of care, you may have a case for a malpractice lawsuit.

If you feel that you have been medically misdiagnosed, Philips Branch & Hodges can help see if you have legal options. Our medical malpractice attorneys in Columbus GA can help you seek compensation for your misdiagnosis. Contact our office to schedule a confidential consultation.