Inadequate Security

Columbus GA Premises Liability Attorneys

Property owners have a duty under the law to keep their premises and approaches safe. Nevertheless, landowners are generally not required to provide security for those they invite unto their premises. In certain circumstances, however, property owners can be liable for failing to provide adequate security to those they invite upon their premises.

Generally, premises liability cases that involve claims of inadequate security fall into one of two categories. The first category of cases are those instances where a landowner or proprietor has reason to be aware of the specific danger in question and the likelihood of resulting harm. In these type of cases, it is the foresee-ability of the risk in question that creates liability on the part of the landowner or proprietor. For example, if an owner or proprietor of a hotel or apartment complex was aware of prior criminal acts occurring on their property and then you were injured as a result of a similar criminal occurrence, the owner of proprietor may be liable to you.

The second category of inadequate security cases occur when a landowner or proprietor voluntarily undertakes the responsibility of providing security for persons who they invite onto their property but does so negligently. While land owners or proprietors do not necessarily have to provide security for those persons they invite onto their property, when they voluntarily do so the security they provide must not increase the likelihood of harm or injury to those they have invited onto their property. For example, if you are at a bar or a restaurant and the owner or proprietor of the bar or restaurant provides security for you and the other patrons, the security the owner or proprietor provides must not increase the likelihood of harm or injury occurring to you or the other patrons.

While we have given you a brief overview of the types of inadequate security cases that are typically brought against landowners or proprietors, the law governing these types of claims can be extremely complex and very fact specific. Fortunately, the attorneys at Philips Branch & Hodges have extensive experience with inadequate security premises liability cases and a proven track record of success. Our Columbus GA premises liability attorneys will be able to explain to you what your rights are and whether you may be entitled to compensation. Call us today for your free consultation.