Consult a Car Accident Lawyer You Can Trust

Consult a Car Accident Lawyer You Can Trust

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Car accidents can be devastating. If you're involved in more than just a minor fender bender, you could be dealing with medical bills, expensive repairs and lasting physical injuries. Call Philips Branch & Hodges now to speak with a car accident lawyer in Columbus, Georgia. We'll review all of the facts of your case to make an argument for compensation.

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Cars aren't the only vehicles on the road. Philips Branch & Hodges also handles truck and motorcycle accident cases. The injuries and damages from these accidents can be severe-you should retain a truck accident lawyer you can count on for steadfast support. We'll help you get the medical treatment you need while we prepare your case for trial.

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If you have suffered a serious or permanent injury, or if someone close to you has been killed in a car accident as a result of someone else's negligence, let the law office of Philips Branch & Hodges help you. The Columbus, GA auto injury attorneys at Philips Branch & Hodges have the skill, experience, and track record to handle your case effectively from start to finish and get you the result you deserve.

Our attorneys have experience handling a wide range of automobile wrecks including; head on collisions; side impact collisions; rear-end collisions; multi-car pile ups; accidents caused by drunk drivers; and everything in between. The attorneys at Philips Branch & Hodges have handled cases involving collisions on major interstates, urban streets, and winding country roads. Insurance companies, corporate defendants, and opposing counsel know that Philips Branch & Hodges has the expertise and resources to obtain only the best results for our clients and that we won't settle for anything less.

We understand, however, that knowing the facts of your case and the applicable law isn't enough. Car wrecks can produce injuries and change the lives of everyone involved in dramatic ways. Philips Branch & Hodges knows that getting the right treatment and recovering from your injuries is priority one for our clients. Our experienced staff is ready to assist you with every aspect of your case.

Selecting the right law firm to handle your case can be difficult. A quick search online or flip through the phone book will yield hundreds of lawyers all claiming that they are the right lawyer for the job. Many lawyers claim they have the ability to get you the result you deserve, but ultimately they can't back up their promises. More often than not, these same law firms that spend big money advertising and getting your attention, are the same firms that call Philips Branch & Hodges when cases can't be settled with just one call. Our peers know that for complex cases that require extra attention, the lawyers at Philips Branch & Hodges are the one's to call.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or if you know someone that has unnecessarily lost their life as a result of someone else's negligence behind the wheel, please do not hesitate to contact us today. The Columbus, GA auto injury attorneys at Philips Branch & Hodges know that time is of the essence and will work hard to get you or your loved one the result they deserve. Please call us today for your free consultation and see why residents of Columbus & Macon, GA hire us to assist them.