Have You Been Hurt in a Watercraft Accident?

Have You Been Hurt in a Watercraft Accident?

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Personal watercraft like Jet Skis and Sea-Doos are great to have when you want to spend the day out on the water. Unfortunately, many owners can get injured riding these vehicles. Even seasoned pros have been known to become injured. Worst of all, watercraft manufacturers are slow to respond with safety measures.

If you've suffered from watercraft injuries, reach out to Philips Branch, Hodges & Worstell for assistance. We can fight for your rights after an injury. Our team will get your side of these tory and work hard to get the justice you deserve.

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When you hire a watercraft injury attorney from our firm, we'll:

  • Discuss in detail the events that occurred
  • Work on a case that ensures your story is heard
  • Represent you in the court of law

Watercraft Injuries can be serious or even fatal. Turn to experienced lawyers who know how to handle these cases. Hire Philips Branch, Hodges & Worstell in your time of need.
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