My Dearest Jason and Ben,

It is a pleasure to present you with this small token of my deep appreciation and gratitude. It is difficult to find the right words to express what you have done for me and my son Demitri. By seeking true justice for my son, you have given me the peace of mind I never thought I would have. You have enabled the death of my baby boy to not be in vain. You have made the people who took his life, take responsibility for their gross negligence and unforgivable acts of inflicted pain.

As a mother, I felt something was very wrong. As a former respiratory therapist I knew something was very wrong. The powerlessness I had to endure left me not only devastated, but also hopeless. All I ever wanted was for someone to take the time to listen to what was in my heart and mind; that something went very wrong and as a result, my precious and only child was killed. What was even more devastating for me was the probability of nothing ever happening to those responsible for his death. But by the grace of God, you were placed in my life and have given me a priceless gift. You have given me the gift of justice, and the serenity that everything humanly possible has been done for the sake of Demitri.

I know you have put endless hours of hard work into this case. I know you and your family have made sacrifices in order for you to do and impeccable job. And I know the dedication you have given me and Demitri. So I hope when I say, thank you from the bottom of my heart and knowing that God placed me and Demitri in your hands to do the impossible, that you will know the sincerity behind these words.

Everyday is a challenge for me, and I pray for courage to get through it. It is the small things I miss so very much. I miss Demitri calling me a few hundred times a day, I miss his laugh, his smell and his great hugs. I miss tripping over his shoes left in the middle of the floor, I miss arguing over his bedtime, I miss our long talks about his future, or telling him the story about the day he was born. I miss his funny jokes and the funny innocent things he would say that made me laugh and appreciate his sense of humor. But most of all I miss him hearing him tell me "I love you mommy". These are things that make everyday life difficult for me, because I will never hear them again.

My comfort and continued existence comes from knowing that I will be reunited with my son again someday. Which is what I look forward to every minute of everyday. But until then, I will miss him horribly. No, nothing will ever bring my baby back to me. And yes, I will have good days of remembering him and yes; I will have difficult days of remembering him. But as I do remember him, I will know that he is eternally peaceful because of what you have done for him. Demitri is my hero, because through his love I was given the courage and strength to pursue justice on his behalf. You are my hero because you did what it took, in order for us to receive the justice he deserved. That makes me a very blessed person. You have touched my life forever and I will always have a special place in my heart, filled with respect, and gratitude for all you have done for me and my son. Thank you so very much.

May God Bless You,
Charlene Manriquez

Dear Ben:

I want to thank you for the great job that you and your staff did on my behalf. You have provided good advice throughout this process and your strategy was faultless. I was so afraid of going to court but you helped me to feel confident. For that I am forever in your debt. Your closing statement was masterful and the exhibits excellent. I sure am glad that we took a picture of that car! I'm happy that this ordeal is finally over and that you made Allstate pay for their unwillingness to do the right thing. Again, thank you for everything.

Sandra Sileson

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